At BC&I Advisory, we solve complex problems that achieve tangible outcomes.
We combine strategic business thinking, deep technology design and delivery skills with experience and talent to the develop plans that stimulate value within a customer focused organisation; spanning-people, process and technology.
With extensive experience operating at Board, Executive and Senior Management levels, we know how to get the job done, or mentor you to enable you to do it.
Keen to work in organisations whose vision and values align to ours, we believes that such alignment leads to genuine intrinsic motivation for driving positive change in our world.
We work with all types of organisations big and small, with a passion for not-for-profits and social enterprises with goals to improve peoples lives
Our Objectives 
• Lead organisations to clarify the plans to realise their vision, leveraging technology as an enabler and ensuring the plans can be delivered. If required, collaboratively developing a vision with you
• Apply strategy, consulting, leadership and technology skills to organisations balancing the key imperatives of time, cost and quality within their processes and solutions  
• Encourage pragmatic decisions favouring effectiveness over efficiency to ensure organisational are well placed to achieve their goals

Our Approach
• Vision leads to measurable goals, informs organisational model
• Structure following strategy
• Investments prioritized to what matters
• Processes tuned where it matters and “good enough” where it doesn’t matter
• Technology enabling the whole organization whilst not being the answer to every question